Rogz AirTech Classic Dog Collar

Rogz AirTech Classic Dog Collar

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AirTech Classic Collar

Rogz AirTech Classic Collar is the ultimate in everyday dog fashion.

A classic and sophisticated collar for dogs with an eye for style and a passion for fashion, this collar is soft, lightweight, and a dream to wear around the neck. The collar boasts rounded edges and features a diamond mesh for unbeatable comfort, while the locking function on the RogLoc buckle helps prevent accidental opening for greater security. This collar comes finished with reflective stitching for greater safety and visibility on night-time adventures.

  • Perfect everyday collar
  • Sturdy and durable enough for more adventurous pooches
  • Made from lightweight and soft materials
  • Smooth, rounded edges
  • Comfortable diamond mesh
  • Lockable RogLoc buckle prevents unintentional opening
  • Reflective stitching for greater safety when walking at night


Airtech Range Features And Benefits
Lightweight - Lightweight trims, components, soft tethering, and mesh webbing.
Supreme Comfort - Engineered fabric with soft, smooth rounded edges and diamond mesh.
Noise-free - Material and components that are durable and quiet in action.
360° Reflective - Multiple areas of reflective stitching ensuring great night-time visibility.
Safety - High strength and durability

Available Sizes

Medium, Large, X-Large

Available Colors

NightSky Black
Sunset Pink
Rock Red
Burnt Ochre
Platinum Grey



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