Rogz Dog Ball Gumz Chew Toy Small 2in Golf Ball Size

Rogz Dog Ball Gumz Chew Toy Small 2in Golf Ball Size

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species Dog
size Small
range Toys
purpose ChewTime

Do you have an inquisitive dog that loves to chew on everything? Look no further! The Gumz Ball is the perfect toy for the dog that loves to chew down on their toys! Hide treats within the ball and have your dog work to retrieve them! The soft rubber ball is perfect for fetch, and can withstand the constant chewing of your pooch! A great toy for teaching fetch, as the dog will only get the treat from the ball if he brings it back to you! 

why-buy-bounce-and-fetch.jpg - Bounce and Fetch Toy - For the pooch who loves to fetch. It’s dog euphoria!

why-buy-chew-toy.jpg - Chew - designed for dog's teeth and to build up strength in their jaws. 

why-buy-treat.jpg - Treat - Insert treats into the holes for hours of fun, entertainment, mental stimulation and reward

why-buy-bite-o-meter-4.jpg - Bite-o-Meter - Extra Hard

High visibility - in these 5 great colors OrangePinkRedGreen and Blue

Specifications - Non toxic or abrasive, CE Approved Non Toxic 85% Natural Rubber 15% Synthetic Rubber

We recommend that your pet plays with toys under supervision, especially if your pet is likely to eat or pull apart the toy.

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