Rogz SparkleCat Pin Buckle Cat Collar

Rogz SparkleCat Pin Buckle Cat Collar

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Item Code :  CB52
size Small
range Catz
species Cat
category Beltz
purpose WalkTime

Bling! Glitter on a soft polyester fur base.

For Catz that like a bit of glitz and glamor in their 9 lives.

Size         Neck Size            

X-Small         6-9in               

Small             8-12in            


*Why does Rogz only have small and x-small house cat collars?

Cats come in all sizes. Rogz house cat collars are adjustable to fit X-Small (Kitten) and Small (regular house Cat)

Why only these two size? - Rogz originates from South Africa where we also have collars for  Medium(Caracal) Large (Cheetah), X-Large (Leopard) and XX-Large (Lions) .

Coming soon.