Fast Fit Utility Dog Harness X-Small fits 14in chest

Fast Fit Utility Dog Harness X-Small fits 14in chest

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Item Code :  SJQ36
species Dog
size X-Small
range Utility
range-sub Fast Fit
purpose Walking

Shaken, not stirred, the ROGZ Utility Range remains remarkably innovative and fresh with its latest addition. Made with the same durable materials and padded mesh found in your sports shoes, with a highly reflective stitching and piping for improved night time visibility, the ergonomically-designed Boomerang-shaped Fast-Fit harnesses bring new meaning to a harness that you slip onto your pooch in the blink of an eye. Step your dog into the harness, pull either side up and clip neatly and swiftly over the back of your dog. Fasten your lead to the joined rings at the back by the clip and you're ready for the next adventurous walk with your dog! The Fast Fit Harness is available in 7 sizes and 5 colors The Extra Small Harness fits a dog's chest girth of 36cm and is suitable for Chihuahuas, Miniature Dobermans, Toy Poms and similar sized breeds.



Size Width of Webbing Chest / Girth
XX SMALL 12mm / 3.8″ 320mm | 12.5″
X SMALL 12mm / 3.8″ 360mm | 14″
SMALL 16mm / 5.8″ 410mm | 16″
SMALL/MEDIUM 16mm / 5.8″ 470mm | 18.5″
MEDIUM 20mm / 3.4″ 520mm | 20.5″
MEDIUM/LARGE 20mm / 3.4″ 580mm | 23″
LARGE 20mm / 3.4″ 630mm | 25″

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